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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Banner that say 10 easy ways to start managing you weight.

If you're feeling like everyone is telling you to manage your weight to solve those aches and pains or have that extra energy in the day to spend with friends and family, but you're overwhelmed with where to start. Well, no more excuses after reading this...

Here are 10 easy ways to manage your weight. Choose one to complete for a week and see how that goes. After one week, maybe choose another or stick to the same one for another week. And so on and so on. Managing your weight is a process, not a destination. Let me say that again, managing your weight is a process, not a destination.

Drink fewer calories. If you drink calorie-containing drinks, it’s easy to consume a lot of calories without your awareness. Switching to water is an easy way to save yourself several hundred calories each day. You can flavor it with fresh fruit, lemon, or herbs.

Walk. We’re meant to move around more than most of us do. If you have foot or leg problems, swimming is an excellent alternative.

Eat slower. You’re much less likely to overeat if you eat slower. Pay attention to the food in your mouth and chew thoroughly. Avoid watching TV or playing on your phone while you eat. Give your meal your undivided attention, eat slowly, and you’ll eat less pasta.

Reduce your intake of processed carbs. These are also loaded with calories and are unhealthy food choices. These include things like cookies, crackers, bread, and pasta.

Stop eating after dinner. After two or three meals, your body has had enough. Eating after dinner is unnecessary and can cause a host of problems. Eating a lot and then going to bed isn’t optimal for your weight or your health.

Sleep more. Studies show that tired people are more attracted to calorie-dense foods than the well-rested folks. A lack of sleep also contributes to metabolic issues that make it harder to maintain a healthy weight.

Eat at home. Eating out and being healthy is challenging. You can save a lot of calories and money by staying home for your meals.

Track yourself. This may not work for everyone, but for some people seeing changes in measurements like weight, chest, hips, and waist, can help. Also taking note of how your clothes fit differently is just as valuable! Be aware that the moment this becomes a negative experience, STOP. Your mental health depends on it!

Eat more vegetables. With few exceptions, vegetables are low in calories and high in bulk. You’ll feel full without expanding your waistline. Even better, eat more fibrous vegetables, they’ll keep you full longer.

Consider intermittent fasting. For ages, we’ve been told to eat three meals a day. However, newer research suggests that narrowing our eating window can support weight loss efforts.

Managing your weight over time is a lot easier physically and mentally and honestly, it’s healthier. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. A few small changes can be enough to see real results.

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