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Health & Wellness Coaching

The journey towards your health goals can seem long and challenging, but having a trusted partner to work with can make it achievable.


Working with a Health Coach you’ll focus on what’s important and have the undivided support that is scientifically proven to improve your health.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to get the support and trusted coaching you've been waiting for. 


What you'll gain

  • Balance in your daily life

  • Time to do what makes you feel good

  • An ability to manage change

  • Knowledge to empower yourself

  • Continuous support and guidance

  • A healthy lifestyle

  • More energy to do what you love

  • Strength to get through the day

  • Confidence in your own skin

  • Sustainable habits


I'm your coach and you're in charge of where we go on this journey.

I exist to share my knowledge and wisdom to help others achieve their health goals. I have faced many challenges with how I looked at my own body, what happened to it when I participated in different sports, and how it’s changed hormonally over the years. My relationship with food has also evolved from using it as an emotional crutch or a form of punishment to finding out that what I was eating was causing me inflammation and digestive distress that showed itself in pretty harsh ways. I'm self-diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome, lactose intolerant, diagnosed with stress-induced eczema, and a highly accomplished endurance athlete. 

I carved out my path with the help of other health professionals in my life and learned on my own. Finding that path has led me to relief and less frustration with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let’s just say I’ve managed to do a lot with what little I can tolerate which is considered to be “healthy living and eating.” I want to help women, specifically women of color dealing with body image, self-confidence, and challenging relationships with food/exercise, find peace, comfort, and confidence in their definition of a healthier lifestyle.

Let me be your guide through this journey. As R3 Boxing's Certified Health Coach, I'm ready and able to dedicate my skills to help you create new habits and make them stick so you keep achieving your goals. You’re in charge of where you want to go and I'm here to make sure it happens. You’re in charge of where you want to go and I'm here to make sure it happens. Contact me today to discover what we can do together. 


Let's get to work!

All packages include one 60-minute discovery session and app introduction.

Package A:

  • Healthy lifestyle Assessment

  • Accountability & support

  • General healthy lifestyle tips

  • Two 30 minute check-in calls per month

Price: $50 per month

Package C:
Getting Active

  • Includes package A

  • Deeper dive into fitness goals

  • Workout and exercise planning

  • Tips on fitness and increasing activity

  • Two 30 minute check-in calls per month

Price: $100 per month

Package B:
Weight & Nutrition

  • Includes package A

  • Deeper dive into nutrition goals

  • Recipe and meal planning

  • Tips on healthier eating

  • Two 30 minute check-in calls per month

Price: $100 per month

Package D:
The Kitchen Sink

  • Includes package A - C

  • Sleep and Stress management

  • Sleep hygiene analysis

  • Tips focused on sleep and recovery

  • Two 30 minutes check-in calls per month

Price: $200 per month

One-time enrollment fee: $50
Enrollment fee waived for active R3 Boxing/Rock Steady Boxing Poway members
Additional/One-off 30-minute coaching check-in: $75 each
If you would like in-person coaching, please contact me.

Let's get to work.



Brady and Pia have created a family atmosphere where you become part of the R3 family, they make you physically fit and help you manage your mental/emotional health through Pia’s Health Coaching Service.


I really appreciated the fact that she wasn't telling me what to do, but really let me take control of my decisions. She helped me realize my passion and made changing careers an easy decision. I highly recommend her services.

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
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