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1:1 Health Coaching

Stop thinking. Start Doing

By the numbers...

Over 300 preventable and avoidable deaths happen per 100,000 people in the U.S.  These deaths can be prevented with healthy eating habits and a consistent fitness routine.


3 out of 10 adults in the U.S. have reported having multiple chronic conditions and obesity which is twice the global average .  This rate can be lowered with healthy eating habits and a consistent fitness routine.


$12,900 per person was spent on healthcare in the U.S. in 2021 . This is the highest in the world compared to other highest earning income countries . This cost can be lowered with healthy eating habits and a consistent fitness routine.


HOT TIP: Healthier eating habits and a consistent fitness routine will help you live longer and keep money in your pocket!





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Health Coaching will get you going.

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What is health coaching?

Health Coaching is a method of 1:1 coaching where you and your coach work together in developing a routine of eating healthier and moving more that lasts. It’s scientifically proven to improve your health. 


What else you’ll gain: 

  • A healthier lifestyle that lasts

  • More money in your pocket

  • Knowledge to empower yourself

  • More energy to do what you love

  • Strength to get through the day

  • Confidence in your own skin

  • Ability to manage life better

A coaching session between a man and an woman.

Each personalized private coaching session is dedicated time to digging deep into your health goals and providing any guidance and education. Any health question is on the table.

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Once we know what we’re tackling, we’ll focus on what we can change in a week. This exposes the obstacles and excuses that are in your way and we brainstorm together how you can overcome them for 1 week. 

Someone looking off into the distance next to a reflection pool.

In the last step, we’ll create a mini goal for the week that is specific, measurable, achievable, and relates back to your bigger goal. This is the most critical part of incorporating new habits. Why do you ask? 

If you identify as a woman and are looking for a different experience, check out this program.
Image of coach Pia in a yellow top with a water background.
Hi there, I'm your coach!

My philosophy is simple: I'm your coach, but you're in charge of where we go on this journey. My purpose is to share my knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve your health goals.


Throughout my own health journey, I've faced many challenges with how I viewed my body, how it reacted to different sports, and how it's changed hormonally over the years. My relationship with food has also evolved from using it as an emotional crutch or punishment to understanding how certain foods can cause inflammation and digestive distress. I'm self-diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome, lactose intolerant, diagnosed with stress-induced eczema, and a highly accomplished endurance athlete. 


With the help of other health professionals and my own research, I've carved out my path to a healthier lifestyle. I want to help women, especially women of color, who are dealing with body image, self-confidence, and challenging relationships with food and exercise. My goal is to help you find peace, comfort, and confidence in your definition of a healthier lifestyle. As your coach, I'm ready and able to dedicate my skills to help you create new habits and make them stick so that you can achieve your goals. Let's start our journey together. Contact me today to discover what we can do together.



ACE Certified Health Coach 

Fitness Nutrition Specialist


12-week Health Coaching Program ($700)

  • One 1-hour deep dive session

  • Weekly 30-minute meetings for coaching, clarity, goal setting and reflection

  • Health history assessment

  • Goal-setting for what’s important to you

  • Meal planning and guidance

  • 7-day meal plan based on your preferences and backed by registered dieticians

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching 

  • Deep discussions about your health and goals

  • Guided exercises to discover patterns and habits

  • Collaborative action planning 

  • Accountability and dedicated support

  • Trusted ACE Certified Health Coach

Additional notes: 

One-time enrollment fee: $50
Enrollment fee waived for active R3 Boxing/Rock Steady Boxing Poway members
Additional/One-off 30-minute coaching check-in: $75 each

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.



Brady and Pia have created a family atmosphere where you become part of the R3 family, they make you physically fit and help you manage your mental/emotional health through Pia’s Health Coaching Service.


I really appreciated the fact that she wasn't telling me what to do, but really let me take control of my decisions. She helped me realize my passion and made changing careers an easy decision. I highly recommend her services.

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