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Brady Rein
Head Coach & Owner

Brady has over 16 years of boxing experience to offer each and every one of his members. This Colorado native started his humble beginnings in a Poway boxing gym and worked his way through the amateurs and eventually retired a professional boxer with a 2-2 record with 2 KOs. Next on his list of achievements was to open up his own gym to teach what he has learned over the years and have members leave each class feeling accomplished and a better version of themselves.


Brady's classes are guaranteed to push you to your limits and hit your max HR. His passion for boxing and motivating people to be bad-asses keeps his unmatched energy high. AND he'll holds mitts for everyone in class when it's safe to do so.

Doors opened July 2018 and Coach Brady hasn't "worked" a day since.

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Pia P. Abelardo
Health Coach & Owner


Growing up as a Filipina-American, Pia battled internally being book smart and playing sports, which was taboo. She used sports as an outlet to express herself away from the books and cope with stress. She had atypical interests from other teenage girls growing up and that drew attention and bullying. When she left for college, her low self-esteem had spiraled out of control that she dropped 15lbs (7kg) in the first few weeks and started having challenges in her relationship with food.

It was a long journey to get to a place where she is today as a seasoned triathlete who has overcome her own food allergies and mental trauma to show up at her best every day. She was inspired to become a Certified Health Coach because she wants others to have someone dedicated to getting them to a healthier lifestyle that she was missing on her own path. 

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