All members must reserve their bag

before coming into the gym.


If you are a not a member and would like to be, please contact us.



  1. Download MINDBODY app or go to their website HERE

  2. Click LOGIN on the top right corner and sign into your MINDBODY account

    • If you don't have a MINDBODY account, click SIGN UP on the top right corner and following the steps to create a MINDBODY account. Please use the email associated with your r3 boxing membership.

  3. Once logged into the app or the desktop website, find the class day and time you'd like to attend a classes and tap or click BOOK to reserve your spot. 

    • Only 5 spots are available for each class to keep with CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

    • There is a limit of 1 class per day to give all members a chance to come into the gym. 

    • Be sure you reserve the exact time and date of the class you'd like to attend because if you don't show up, you get a socially distanced body shot and owe us 300 burpees.

  4. If you can't make it to a class, please cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before so someone on the waiting list can be notified a spot open and they can plan their time. AND because you aren't going to be there, do 300 burpees. 5 for every minute you're not there, 60 min class. 5 x 60 = 300. 

  5. You'll be sent an email confirmation of your reservation.

  6. Class schedules are refreshed weekly so keep an eye on your email on when you can sign up.  

Read our GYM GUIDELINES before showing up to class. 

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