Gym Guidelines

Masks. Masks. Masks.

We require masks when you enter and exit the gym and anytime you're not at your bag. This will keep us and other members and their families safe. However while you work out at your bag, you may remove your mask. Please keep it on around your head or neck. We have them for sale also if you forget.

Black bandana with the words Freestyle your hands, not your mouth R3 Boxing screened on it.

Staff PPE

All gym staff are required to follow CDC regulations and wear proper PPE during business hours. The safety of our members and ourselves is our number 1 priority.

New members by appointment only

Classes are for members only and there is currently no trial period. Let's chat over phone/email to make an appointment to observe a class. Please see our SCHEDULE or MEMBERSHIP for more details.


Reduced classes sizes

Class sizes in the gym may be small, but the intensity hasn't dropped. We're following the CDC recommended guidelines to ensure everyone is at least 6 ft. apart during class to follow social distancing regulations. All members must reserve their bag before attending class. 

Read how to reserve your bag.

 An adult male, young adult male and adult female member are in view. The members are at their stations hitting a heavy bag with plastic between them to give them the upmost safety.

45 minute classes

Our classes are shorter to ensure there's enough time for all members to exit the gym and have our staff thoroughly clean and sanitize the bags. Please allow for all members in the gym to exist before coming in for your class. And allow for social distancing! 

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